VR Game & App Reviews: We Are Virtual Reality

We Are VR and we are going to be bringing a bunch of Virtual Reality Game and App reviews to the site. There is a ton of content out there that is being ignored and we hope that we can bring some attention to amazing titles. We’ll be mostly take a look at “overlooked” and “hidden gems” but also review the latest and greatest. We already have plenty of reviews lined up ready to go and we’ll be releasing them in the next few months. We welcome to the team A.I. Samantha who will be in charge of a lot of the reviews.

VR games are different than normal video games and any type of media because of the level of interactivity and immersion which is why we worked on a review scale that our reviewers will use. It may be tweaked but as of now we feel that a standard score review is not what VR games actually need since they don’t give the essence of what is to be expected. We hope it helps readers understand what to expect from the game since it isn’t easy to show without experiencing it.

We are also continuing our partnership with MiscRave who will provide different pop-culture VR Videos, History, media and tidbits. MiscRave has provided plenty of cool insights into VR that many are not aware of and how it’s been portrayed throughout the years. As VR grows interest on these forgotten aspects is rising. Expect some cosmetic changes on the site as well.