About Us

WeaR VeaR is a adaptive and fast-growing start-up specializing in Virtual Reality and related technologies such as AR and Crypto. WeaR VeaR was founded in November 2016 as a provider of 360-degree video for events, demos and businesses. Today, WeaR VeaR 2.0 is a provider of VR related products and services for our clients to help them join this new Revolution.

Our mission is to continue developing smart and innovative technological solutions for businesses whether it’s education, marketing, retail, tourism, art and entertainment. We will implement the latest Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies to our clients and introduce it to them. Our products range from commercial to educational products for fun and interactive presentations. We have seen technology improve and evolve so we are always introducing new and interactive solutions for our clients. Our vision is to give cutting edge high tech solutions and to connect people from all around the world with innovation.